Xbox One JTag with USB Homebrew (Updated 2023)

Xbox One JTAG will modify the motherboard that allows you to run unsigned code, play copied games on either a USB or HDD (Internal/External), backup game, and install the game mod. You do not need the original game disc and you are also safe to play the game online. We have patched Xbox One JTAG that will not get you banned, you are absolutely safe to use it at any time. Normal Flash Mod is a modification only Xbox One DVD or Optical Drive. When Flash Mod the optical drive with firmware that no longer needs between real and backup games. Additionally, Xbox One JTAG can also run the homebrew application and allows to play the game without the game disc.

Xbox One JTAG

Xbox One JTAG is fully compatible with the mod of all models including old and new Xbox One consoles without any hardware or downgrade. There is no need to install hardware on your console so that you do not need to open your console. You need a USB minimum requirement of at least 512MB. Installing Xbox One JtAG is pretty easy to do but for the newbie is difficult to do it but we have instructions below step by step.

In order to install Xbox One JTAG on your console, you only need a USB at least 512MB. Ensure your Xbox One is updated to the latest firmware, do that by checking your system information.

Note: This JTAG is supported by Xbox One and Xbox One S with all models but does not support Xbox One X due to the previous console being hacked and Microsoft has built up the new console to prevent the hack, hopefully, we will keep working on it to get hack if possible.

Good news: Xbox One X is now compatible with JTAG.

If you would like to do Xbox 360 JTAG

How To Xbox One JTAG With USB

Step 1: Download the latest Xbox One JTAG firmware as given below.

Download Xbox ONE JTAG File Here

Step 2:
Extract the file using 7zip or WinRAR.

Step 3: Create a folder named “XBOX” and within the folder create another folder named “XMOD”.

Step 4: Move the “XBOXMOD.PKG” file to the directory “XMOD” that you created on the USB Stick.

Step 5: Plug the USB into your Xbox One console.

Step 6: Navigate to the “Setting Tab”, choose “System Update”.

Step 7: It will say it found “Xbox One JTAG Mod v1.01” and choose OK.

Step 8: Accept user “terms and conditions” and install “Update”.

Step 9: It will take around 10-15 minutes to depend on your console to be completed. Be sure, your Xbox One will beep 3 times and then shut down.

Step 10: Power up your Xbox One console.

Step 11: Go to Setting > System Update > System Information. You will see the Xbox One JTAG version.

How To Download Xbox One JTAG Games Free

After your Xbox One JTAG is done, you will see a new app named “Xbox App Store” in the main display where you can download unlimited games and also available game mod inside game options so that you can enable or disable of your choice. If you like to play with the game mode, then enable the game mode and enjoy. Make sure, you do not need any payment process on Xbox App Store. There are all free games without credit/payment.

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