How To RGH Xbox 360 With USB (Updated 2019)

RGH Xbox 360 With USB will certainly be going over just how to set up XBR and also Xell into your Xbox 360. You are able to customize Xbox 360 video games to run custom-made maps and also cheats. You could additionally release video games of the tough drive without a disc.

Note: Doing this RGH Xbox 360 method is longer to use as it is outdated from the last 5 years. However, there is new method Xbox 360 JTag/RGH 2018.

Step 1: Searching for Out If Your Xbox Is Exploitable

Your bit should be bit 2.0.7371.0 or reduced for this to function. You can do this by opening the system details tab. After there is one, even more, action to examine if it still is exploitable, yet you have to construct your cord to dispose of your NAND.

Step 2: Obtaining Your Components


  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Computer with LPT port


  • 1x 25 pin d-sub connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have)
    Digikey # 225FE-ND
  • 1x 25 pin d-sub cable (LPT cable) You can actually skip the cable if you buy a male connector and make your wires long enough to extend from your Xbox to the computer
    Digikey # AE9863-ND
  • 3x 330-ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)
    Digikey # P330BBCT-ND
  • 1x 1n4148 switching diode (if you have Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper get 3x of these)

Describe the picture listed below to inform exactly what type of 360 you have.

There has actually been a brand-new upgrade to the common electrical wiring you need to utilize for the JTAG circuitry on Xenon’s which calls for simply 2x 1n4148 diodes. If you have issues, I have actually never ever utilized this technique prior to so I cannot truly aid as much. I would certainly recommend going with it rather considering that it is meant to be electrically premium as well as makes use of much fewer components so much less area for failing I think.

Step 3: Soldering the Wire

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You simply require requirement to warm it up and also glide the cable via. All resistors on the port are optional, it’s simply to protect against damages as some ports are 5v and also the motherboard is 3.3 v.

Step 4: Dumping the NAND

  • Essence the rar, and also open the nandpro folder.
  • If running view or 7 established it for compatibility setting for xp.), mount port95nt.exe
  • Connect your Xbox 360 in, however, do not power it on.
  • Connect the lpt cord in.
  • Pop open cmd and also adjustment directory sites to your nandpro folder.
  • kind nandpro lpt: -r16 nand.bin.
  • It will certainly begin to dispose, this will certainly take 35 mins.
  • Kind nandpro lpt: -r16 nand2.bin and also discard it a 2nd time.

Do not fret if throughout the dump it has problem analysis obstructs. You just have a trouble if can not review block after block, which implies something failed in the middle of the dump as well as you need to reactivate it once again.

Go over and also double inspect all of your solderings if you are having problems having nandpro spotting it. If you avoided the diode, attempt including one, as well as simply reactivating your computer system has actually taken care of the problem many times for me. You additionally intend to ensure your cord is short as feasible.

Step 5: Evaluating If It’s Exploitable

You’re most likely to wish to open object consisted of in the documents pack. Most likely to setups and also under 1BL trick see to it claims DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA as well as is inspected. You are likewise most likely to wish to alter data system begin to 39.

Open your NAND dump and also take a look at the CB variation.

If your CB is the following you’re in good luck!

Xenon: 888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921, 8192.
Breeze: 4558, 4580.
Falcon: 5761, 5766, 5770.
Jasper: 6712, 6723.
Jasper Gallery (256/512): 6723 or reduced is Exploitable.

If you are not sure if your own is exploitable, you could likewise examine if CD = 8453, if it does you run out good luck.

Step 6: Removing the Keyvault, Injecting as well as Flashing XBR

Select the appropriate XBR for your motherboard consisted of in the rar documents as well as placed it in your nandpro folder. Relabel it to xbr.bin making points much easier.

Open cmd, browse to your nandpro folder and also kind.

nandpro nand.bin: -r16 kv.bin 1 1.
nandpro nand.bin: -r16 config.bin 3de 2.

Typenandpro xbr.bin: -w16 kv.bin 1 1.
nandpro xbr.bin: -w16 config.bin 3de 2.

Currently for the blinking!

Simply kind and also wait 35 mins.
nandpro lpt: -w16 xbr.bin.

Step 7: Obtaining Your CPU Secret

Rebuild your 360, and also boot your 360 with the DVD drive expelled. Or if you do not have a DVD drive you could connect a wired controller right into the back USB port.

You ought to see a blue display appear as well as the entire number of points zip. Your either going to desire to compose actually rapid or break an image when it states CPU integrates.

fuse set 3 and also 5 or 4 as well as 6 is your CPU secret.

If it claimed.
fuseset 03: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
fuseset 05: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

My CPU trick would certainly be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

It must 32 personalities.

Step 8: Extra

I consisted of many additional programs in the.rar data. A great deal of them will certainly be found in convenient with your Xbox 360 homebrew experience. I’ll be looking at exactly what each program benefits.

  • 360 Flash Tool:
    This device enables you to check out all the documents in your NAND as well as your KeyVault. You require your CPU trick for this.
  • KeyVault Modder:
    This permits you to change the area code, or exactly what your DVD drive secret is. This is the device you require to recoup it if your Xbox 360 DVD drive is missing out on or you shed your own out! You could either transform the trick to a person simply as simply 1’s or just what it initially was.
  • X360GameHack:
    Because you could run any type of code currently, you could patch.xex video game data. With this device, you could get rid of area coding from video games as well as numerous various other points.
  • XBLA Unlocker:
    This will certainly enable you to open any kind of DLC, or XBLA video games you could have that are trials which are authorized to a specific console. You could download and install video game trials on the Xbox industry and also unlock it with this device.
  • Xbox Image Browser:
    Exactly what I utilize this device for is drawing out the data from the iso after that placing them on my Xbox rather of the iso. Xbox 360 iso’s are zeroed out to 7 GB or so no issue exactly how large the video game is.
  • YarisSwap:
    This program enables you to change the console ID on DLC, and also XBLA video games to operate on any type of console.
  • Xbins:
    This is a xbins auto-connect device. Utilize this to download and install the current data.
  • Freestyle Dash:
    This is my favored Xbox 360 customized control panel. It consists of DVD tearing and also FTP assistance. It is just one of one of the most proceeding control panels that are regularly being upgraded with brand-new attributes.
  • Quickboot:
    This device produces containers from xex documents that can be released from the control panel.
  • Xexloader:
    This permits you to browse your HDD on your Xbox and also launch.xex documents straight. It additionally has an FTP web server running in the history. I consisted of 2 variations, one is the ISO which you simply melt to a CD and also place in your Xbox, the various other is an XBLA data that you place in your material folder on your hard disk drive as well as launch.

Step 9: Setting up a 3.5 in Desktop computer HDD

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This needs you to reduce completion of an SATA cable television and also solder it under the HDD port.

Circuitry goes as adheres to:

  • Pin 1: SATA Signal GND
  • Pin 2: SATA Signal A+
  • Pin 3: SATA Signal A-
  • Pin 4: SATA Signal GND
  • Pin 5: SATA Signal B+
  • Pin 6: SATA Signal B-
  • Pin 7: SATA Signal GND

The side of the state cord with the composting goes up, as well as you begin left from. You just need to solder the white secured cable televisions inside as these are the information cable televisions. Simply wire the remainder of the ground cords somewhere else.

Where to obtain my 12v?
There are lots of spots on the Xbox motherboard where you could obtain 12v of power from, I selected the power adapter under of the board as I’m not soldering into other ports or anything.How you can wire up the SATA power adapter

How you can wire up the SATA power adapter:

  • Yellow: 12v.
  • Red: 5v.
  • Black: GND.

Disk drives have actually been checked approximately 2tb and also functioned effectively.

Step 10: My Character Is Just a Shape!

RGH Xbox 360 Hack

All you require to do is download this upgrade data, as well as area it on a USB flash drive, as well as connect it right into the back USB port of your Xbox. Your 360 ought to spot it as well as mount it.

If you’re paranoid you will certainly block your console due to the fact that Microsoft is bent on obtaining you as well as destroy your homebrew, you could check out the picture concerning eliminating the r6t3 resistor to avoid having your integrates blown.

I will certainly be going over exactly how to mount XBR and also Xell into your Xbox 360. You are able to change Xbox 360 video games to run custom-made maps as well as cheats. A great deal of them will certainly come in helpful with your Xbox 360 homebrew experience. If your Xbox 360 DVD drive is missing out on or you melted your own out, this is the device you require to recuperate it! Xbox 360 iso’s are zeroed out to 7 GB or so no issue just how huge the video game is.

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